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Best newspaper editorial about the Scottish election.


Best newspaper editorial about the Scottish election.

For each person there is a sentence—a series of words—which has the power to destroy them.
— Philip K. Dick (via averageboywithkeyboard)


Did the Google Doodle in honor of Tolstoy’s 186th birthday look familiar? That might be because the artist, Roman Muradov, also did our Dubliners Centennial edition! Here’s what he had to say about Tolstoy and Joyce:

I hardly need to say that making a tribute to Leo Tolstoy was a daunting task. No set of images can sum up a body of work so astonishing in scope, complexity, and vigor—its memorable scenes come to life with seeming effortlessness, fully realized in the immortal lines and between them. Tolstoy’s lasting influence is a testament to the power of his art, which will remain relevant as long as the questions of life and death occupy our minds, which is to say – forever.

Recently I designed and illustrated the Centennial Edition of James Joyce’s Dubliners for Penguin Classics, which was a similarly challenging assignment. I felt that the only way to do justice to a book like Dubliners was to imitate some of the author’s literary techniques in visual form. I froze the crowd on the cover between movement and paralysis, played with less obvious links between the stories, in short tried to evoke the atmosphere of the stories without giving away too much of the narrative or details.


This is an amazing book

how is this real and where can I get a copy.